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For outdoor cannabis growers, the passing of summer solstice is usually a good indicator that your young plants are finally ready to be brought outdoors. But despite the arrival of the prime growing season, growing cannabis outdoors can still have its challenges. And while it can be incredibly rewarding to do things ‘the old-fashioned way’, battling imperfect conditions can pose some tricky problems for newer growers. That’s where we come in.


Recently, Gaia Green’s parent company, Greenstar Plant Products, hosted an informative webinar featuring some key speakers in the cannabis and farming industries - the topic? Keeping Cannabis Healthy in the Great Outdoors. The webinar featured speakers from a variety of scientific and agricultural backgrounds, who all have unique insights into growing cannabis outdoors. Moderating the discussion was Organic Agriculture Specialist, Colleen Ross, whose extensive history farming in the Kootenay region of British Columbia gives her a unique perspective on one of the world’s best cannabis growing locations. Key speakers also included Av Singh, a Commercial Science Specialist whose extensive relationship with the cannabis plant gives him a unique understanding of its spiritual and chemical needs, and Michael Dean, Director and Founder of Gaia Green Organics, whose organic fertilizer products have been helping cannabis growers achieve quality results for years.


Key topics covered in the webinar ranged from the complexity of the soil food web and how best to work in tandem with it when growing outdoors, to the importance of monitoring the levels of key elements in your plants. The speakers also touched on the spiritual connections that growers should consider when their plants are faced with challenging outdoor environments, the unique benefits of using Gaia Green products and some insider tips on which products to use when tackling a variety of common problems with your outdoor grow. You’re not going to want to miss this one, so grab a notebook and get ready to learn from the industry’s best!

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