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Gaia Green’s organic-attested line of products has earned the trust of farmers, commercial cannabis growers, municipalities, nurseries and many others across the spectrum of horticultural disciplines - making Gaia Green an industry pioneer in supporting science-based organic soil and fertility management. 

From research and development to hands-on crop experience, our team has the background to support your specific requirements. We are equipped to provide you with quality service and attested organic nutrients. 

We are invested in our client’s success, starting with an adherence to a high standard of ethics when sourcing quality ingredients for all of our products. Our strict manufacturing standards are complemented by Lean Manufacturing Principles.

We are a collaborative team of scientists, agronomists and growers, and we take our responsibility to organic crop production very seriously. Our team is available to troubleshoot at any time to ensure your success.

    As farmers, when you invest in your soil, you are ensuring better crops year after year. At Gaia Green, we understand that every decision you make just has to make good economic sense. Gaia Green has one of the largest selections of attested organic soil nutrients for balancing your soil fertility and meeting your specific needs. From seed to harvest, in the greenhouse, high tunnel, and field, Gaia Green products are designed to support your specific crop needs and production regime. Timely applications of our attested products support the life in your soil, ultimately increasing yields while increasing nutrient density within the plant and in the fruit.
    Whether you are producing crops to feed livestock or humans, there is no greater opportunity to mitigate climate change than through regenerative agriculture while at the same time ensuring your bottom line is as healthy as the crops you harvest. Regenerative agriculture practices like building soil organic matter can sequester vast amounts of carbon and is a long-term investment on any farm to ensure healthy harvests year after year. Our products work together to support beneficial microbe populations while simultaneously providing the crop its essential nutrients to ensure the harvest you need.
    Urban populations are challenging their municipal governments to adopt environmentally conscious landscape management practices. Granulated formulations such as Gaia Green Turf 8-2-3, Gaia Green All Purpose 4-4-4, and Gaia Green Power Bloom 2-8-4 provide slow release and easily applied nutrients for parks, boulevards, and even hanging baskets. Our complete, complex formulations eliminate the need for liquid fertilizers.
    Cannabis is still a relatively ‘wild’ plant, making strong relationships with microbial populations in the soil. Using the carbohydrates made through photosynthesis, the cannabis plant will exude these sugars through its roots to help choose which microbes it needs to help create specific secondary metabolites such as cannabinoids and terpenes. Ensuring your soil has a robust and diverse population of beneficial bacteria and fungi will not only deliver you exceptional yields but provide the taste and aroma your customers are looking for. Gaia Green All Purpose 4-4-4 and Gaia Green Power Bloom 2-8-4, along with Gaia Green Worm Castings, are the preferred solutions to bolster your soil with life. Alternatively, Gaia Green Primal Earth is designed specifically for cannabis. From seed to harvest indoor and outdoor container production throughout the growing cycle, or for starting outdoor in-soil production.
    It all starts with a great potting mix. Gaia Green All Purpose 4-4-4, Glacial Rock Dust, along with Gaia Green Worm Castings, will activate your custom media and produce amazing plants. Gaia Green’s Living Soil is a complex pre-mixed media with everything you need to start strong plants naturally. Whether you’re growing food plants or ornamentals, our natural products will produce plant vigor and save you money. Granulated All Purpose 4-4-4 and Power Bloom 2-8-4 applied as a slow-release top-dress have the right ingredients to optimize yields while providing your plants what they need to help them achieve their highest potential.
    Timely nutrition is critical, from blossoms to fruit fill. Poor nutrition at any stage will not only affects this year’s crop but next year’s as well. Our products can help size up your fruit while creating fewer grade-outs. Healthy soils through good nutrition and good soil biology not only support your trees and other perennial crops but allows them to best express their unique flavours, textures, and colours.
    The concept of terroir is often associated with the mineral components of the soil. However, its biology is too often neglected. Beyond climate, the interrelationship of soil microbiology and the elemental properties of soil drives the flavour of wines. As grape growers, your goal is to ensure the vines have just the right balance of nutrients to produce the desired Brix, while too much vigor can lead to more shoots and poor clusters. Gaia Green Organics can provide mineral diversity to support cluster development and increase Brix.
    Food security for our communities is needed now more than ever. Protecting our young people with nutrient-dense foods will boost their immunity. Knowing how your food is produced, combined with the skill of being able to grow some of your own food, is becoming increasingly essential. From worm castings to potting soils, Gaia Green Organics does not contain conventional chemicals or additives, so you have peace of mind when growing high-quality food.
    Home gardens, lawns, commercial greenhouses are just a few of the customers for soil companies. Custom mixing soil for a vast array of sectors can become rather specialized. Gaia Green Organics has a comprehensive list of natural and organic attested ingredients, including kelp meal, insect frass, rock dusts, alfalfa meal, rock phosphate, fishbone meal, etc., to create the perfect designer soil. Please contact our technical sales team to customize a blend specific to your needs.
    From your backyard to the soccer field to the back nine, turf maintenance is all about keeping your grass healthy. Too much fertility and your turf is prone to diseases and grubs; too little and it just doesn’t look inviting. Managing turf with the right type of nitrogen is critical, but ensuring adequate calcium, potassium, and silica is available will help strengthen any grass stand. Gaia Green Granulated Turf 8-2-3 is best suited to providing the balance that will keep your turf in the best shape possible.

Gaia Green Organics is dedicated to ensuring optimal yields and performance through feeding the soil with quality organic amendments. We encourage the use of organic products in our urban & rural communities, and our commitment to social and environmental responsibility has driven us to provide high-performance products for over three decades.


Our products go beyond N-P-K technology, and are designed to increase biological activity, enhance natural biological processes and complete the mineral complex in the soil. 

We are invested in our clients’ success. Our suite of products is applied in greenhouses, landscapes, nurseries, sport fields, farms, cannabis facilities, tree planting and silviculture production, riparian areas, community gardens. If your project involves soil, then we have the appropriate nutrient system. It all starts in our production facility. We begin by sourcing natural ingredients based on quality to ensure that the highest specifications are met. Our goal is to cultivate mutually beneficial long-term relationships built on trust, quality products, and world-class service.

Contact our Team today!

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Gaia Green Organics is excited to announce that we are now offering three new GRANULATED products! At Gaia Green Organics, our product development team is on perpetual mission to provide our customers with the highest quality soil nutrients to meet any fertility challenge.


Our customers demand that the products they use are reliable, effective, economical, safe and easy to handle, and are water and earth-friendly. Our new granulated line goes well beyond meeting these expectations, while providing all of the long-lasting soil nutrients that our customers expect from our powdered products.


Why Granulated?


Regular fertilizer powders can be dusty and challenging to spread. Granulated fertilizer flows through any type of equipment more readily, so it goes exactly where you intend it to. 


Granulation enhances the benefits of slower release, ensuring essential nutrients are broken down in a way that makes them more available to the plant, and work symbiotically with the natural microbial activities in the soil.

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