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Let’s face it, this spring season has been the strangest in living memory, and with quarantine still in full-effect throughout most of the world, it’s been very difficult for us to live our lives as we normally would – put simply, these are tough, unprecedented times. But with summer weather finally kicking into full gear this month, there’s never been a better time to settle into your garden, explore your space’s full potential and grow your success with Gaia Green’s diverse selection of organic fertilizers.


In our latest video, Simon Hart, Gaia’s Director of Brand Development and resident organic gardening expert, dives into the numerous benefits of growing organic, the various ways you can feed the soil, and the importance of investing in your garden’s future - so you can continue to see results for years to come. Simon also gives you the rundown on some key Gaia Green products and their unique benefits at different stages during the growing cycle, while dropping some key knowledge on how best to apply Gaia Green products in a variety of different growing scenarios including:

  • During transplant

  • In existing containers

  • In existing garden beds 

  • In new containers


As a bonus, Simon will also throw in some of his tried-and-tested tips for getting the most out of your Gaia Green products, providing you with all the tools you need to finally tackle that organic gardening project you’ve been putting off. No matter what type of space or grow you’re working with, we’ve got you covered, so sit back, grab a cold drink and let’s get growing!

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