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Gaia Green Organics is excited to announce that we are now offering three new Granulated products!


At Gaia Green Organics, our product development team is on perpetual mission to provide our customers with the highest quality soil nutrients to meet any fertility challenge.


Our customers demand that the products they use are reliable, effective, economical, safe and easy to handle, and are water and earth friendly. Our new granulated line goes well beyond meeting these expectations, while providing all of the long-lasting soil nutrients that our customers expect from our powdered products.


Regular fertilizer powders can be dusty and challenging to spread. Granulated fertilizer flows through any type of equipment more readily, so it goes exactly where you intend it to.


Granulation enhances the benefits of slower release, ensuring essential nutrients are broken down in a way that makes them more available to the plant, and work symbiotically with the natural microbial activities in the soil.


It’s clear that there are numerous benefits to using granulated products. Below is an introduction to the three new granulated products from Gaia Green Organics.

We’re proud to announce that our flagship product, All Purpose 4-4-4, which has for decades been used successfully by farmers, landscapers, gardeners etc, is now available in granulated form. If you are looking for one convenient solution to all your fertility needs, Granulated All Purpose 4-4-4 is your best option.

Power Bloom 2-8-4 is specifically designed to support all plants in the flowering and fruiting stages. With higher levels of phosphorus, brighter colours, more abundant harvests, and larger blooms are ensured in both annuals and perennials.

Granulated Power Bloom 2-8-4 is perfect for a wide variety of applications, from the home garden to large-scale landscaping. It not only produces amazing efficacy, but is perfect for quick broad-spectrum application.

Landscape Professionals and home owners demand the highest quality nutrients to ensure vitality and longevity for the activities that turf and lawns endure. Gaia Green has formulated exactly what is required to ensure a strong root zone is established for long term benefits. Due to stresses caused by pests, disease, drought and wear and tear, green spaces can be a challenge to manage, which is why Granulated Turf 8-2-3 is formulated to increase vigour.

Granulated Turf 8-2-3 contains a unique scientifically formulated combination of soil micro and macro nutrients, and minerals, that ensure a balance of essential plant food is available exactly when the plant needs it, throughout the growing season.


Healthy grasses quickly established with Granulated Turf 8-2-3 out-compete weeds, hence weed control issues become less of a challenge.


Whether a Landscape Professional, or home gardener seeking a lusher lawn, click here for more information.

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