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Exclusive Interview: Michael Dean, Founder of Gaia Green Organics

Gaia Green Organics’ recent merger with its new parent company, Greenstar Plant Products hasn’t been as tough an adjustment as you might think. To someone unfamiliar with Greenstar Plant Products, a small company making the transition from being an independent, homegrown business to living under a larger corporate umbrella sounds like a challenging transition. But the unique fit between Greenstar Plant Products and Gaia Green Organics has made it an easy shift to make, especially for Gaia founder, Michael Dean.

Michael Dean always intended Gaia Green to reflect the ethos of organics, making sure to provide not just the plant, but the soil the nutrients it needs to survive long-term. This same ethos, one of investing in our future, is an ideal that Greenstar Plant Products has embodied since its inception in 1998.

We hope you enjoy our exclusive interview with Michael Dean and Simon Hart, Director of Brand Development for Greenstar, in which they discuss the 30-year history of Gaia, the urgent need for organics and the future of the industry.

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